5 Common Thermostat Problems Affecting Your Home’s Comfort

You should not always blame your heating and cooling system when you experience comfort issues inside your home. Sometimes, the problem hides in the complex components of your thermostat. Take a look at the condition of your device and see if it is suffering from any of these common thermostat issues:

1.       Simple Power Problem

If your thermostats have power issues, you are more likely to experience temperature inconsistencies and a failing HVAC unit. The solution sometimes comes as simple as changing the batteries. If it is not the battery, be sure to check the switch. It can easily be mistaken for a light switch, and someone might have turned it off. You might also want to inspect the fuse and circuit breakers to fix power issues.

2.       Incorrect Placement

The location of your thermostat has a great impact on its operation. See to it that you do not put your thermostat in areas near heat-emitting appliances, direct heat by sunlight, or near doors and windows. Placing the device in these parts of the house might lead to inaccurate temperature reading and comfort issues in your home.

3.       Loose and Faulty Connections

If your thermostat has loose connections, aging wiring, or disconnections, its service will be interrupted. If you suspect wiring issues in your thermostat and if you lack knowledge in doing the repairs, do not hesitate to call professional help.

4.       Dirty Thermostat

Dust and dirt can build up in the components of your thermostat after a long time of use. If not cleaned, it can cause erratic operation and sometimes lead to system failure. Cleaning the thermostat is actually simple. You only need to remove the cover and clean the interior components using a soft brush.

5.       Old, Inaccurate or Broken Thermostat

Is your thermostat properly matched with your HVAC system? Has it reached the end of its lifespan? Sometimes, your thermostat fails because it’s old and needs to be replaced. Timeworn thermostats are no longer effective in doing their job. Similarly, a mismatched device will result in miscommunication and system failure. Matching the thermostat and the system will require a professional diagnosis.

Do you experience any of the thermostat issues mentioned above? You are not alone because many homeowners in Washington, DC experience the same problems. But do not worry; fixing issues like these is our expertise. Schedule a repair service with our professionals at Hugee Corporation to bring back comfort in your home!