5 Electrician-Approved Ways to Prevent Vampire Power


The term ‘vampire power’ is used to describe those home appliances which keep on sucking electricity even when not in use. To help you stop these ‘vampire power’ appliances from breaking your bank, we give you these helpful tips straight from our licensed electricians at Hugee Corporation.

  • Use Power Strip

The strip can help you control the switches of the appliances, even if they are plugged into a single power strip at the same time. When you’re not using the device, you can switch the strip’s power off to manipulate the energy use. This gives you better control of the energy consumption in your home. Timed power strips which automatically turn off are also available in the market.

  • Unplug Appliances

Walk around your house and unplug appliances which are not in use. Areas like the kitchen, living room and bedroom are where appliances and electronic equipment are usually left plugged into outlets. Plugged devices still consume energy even when turned off, so you should be extra vigilant in checking them.

  • Monitor Charging Device

Many people are guilty of leaving their phones, tablets, and laptops plugged into the wall for a whole day. When these gadgets are fully charged, they no longer need to draw more power. Unplugging them will not just reduce your energy consumption. It also saves your devices from early breakdown. You should also check your idling devices like laptops and game consoles. These gadgets can be put to sleep to reduce their energy pull.

  • Upgrade your Appliances

Home appliances don’t last forever. If your devices are already on their last leg, you need to shop for a new one. Old appliances are among the most common energy hogs since they no longer work as efficiently as before. When you look for a replacement, be sure to choose those ENERGY STAR®-certified products for guaranteed efficiency.

  • Swap your Lighting

Do you always forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room? Then you need to shift to LED bulbs.  Compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lighting, LED bulbs use less energy in their operation. They even last longer and emit less heat.

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