5 Sure-Fire Tips To Keep Your Indoor Air Quality Clean

Thinking that your home will save you from the many health concerns brought on by the over-polluted outdoor air, you tend to stay indoors for the rest of the day. But, did you know that your indoor air is not as clean as you thought it is? In fact, it can be 100 times more polluted and unsafe than the outdoors.

Considering the possible effects of poor indoor air quality in your health, keeping your indoor air clean and safe is truly crucial. And we know just how to help! Check out these five ways to have clean air quality inside your home.

1.       Have an Efficient HVAC System

An efficient HVAC system means a clean and properly-functioning unit which is just what your home needs to keep a clean indoor air. The components of your system, especially the ducts, air filter, and coils, can easily become dirty and clogged with particles which then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and pollutants. To prevent this from happening, always remember to schedule regular maintenance with your trusted HVAC company.

2.       Keep a Well-Insulated Home

Sometimes, your home itself allows the polluted air from outside to enter and join your indoor atmosphere. This is possible with poor insulation and the presence of leaks. These are common in the doors and windows as well as your duct system. You can do easy fixes by putting weather stripping and caulks around doors and windows. But for the duct, you will probably need professional help to fix the issue once and for all.

3.       Source Control

Air contaminants do not just come from outside, most of them are from the chemicals that you use at home every day. Products like insect repellents, household cleaners, and furnishings contain volatile organic compounds which are dangerous when inhaled in great concentration. Be sure to follow product safety instructions when using them or you can choose natural and environment-friendly products instead.

4.       Give Time for a Regular Home Cleaning Task

Be diligent in cleaning your home. Dusting and vacuuming are easy tasks that will not take up much of your time. Be sure to put a lid on your garbage can and remove it from indoors as soon as possible. If you are using ceiling fans, clean the blades to remove dust and dirt build-up.

5.       Schedule a Professional Indoor Air Quality Assessment

If you are in doubt of the status of your IAQ, you can always set an indoor air quality assessment schedule with an IAQ expert. This way, you can get clearer and detailed information about the condition of your indoor air and what you can do to improve it.

Indoor air quality should not be an issue if you will follow these tips from our professionals. And if you need expert assistance on your journey towards a cleaner and safer indoor air quality, you can always give us a call at Hugee Corporation.