5 Types of Smells You Can Get Rid of With an Air Purifier

With the increasing case of COVID-19 across the world, it is essential for you to stay healthy and safe at home. Improve your indoor air quality and keep it fresh for you and your family with an air purifier. While this IAQ solution isn’t actually designed to remove viruses and bacteria, it can help keep your air more breathable and clean by eliminating unwanted odors.

Here are the five (5) types of smells you can get rid of with an air purifier:


Smokes’ smells are incredibly hard to get rid of, whether they come from cigarettes or burned woods from the yard. They often leave odors in your carpet, curtains, and furniture. If you want to eliminate them completely, adding an air purification system inside your home is a good step.

Pet Odors

Cats, dogs, and other furry friends are smelly creatures by nature, and they may fill your home with unpleasant odor and dander. While pet dander triggers an allergy, pet odors that spread throughout your home can be very embarrassing to your guests. Invest in an air purifier to eliminate both dander and odor caused by your furry pals.


If you forgot to throw the trash out after dumping vegetable oil or chicken fats in your garbage bag, then get your nose ready for an unpleasant smell. What’s worse is even if you already removed the garbage in your kitchen and washed your bin, the foul odor still lingers around your home. Instead of masking the smell with air freshener, try trapping the odor using an air purification system.

Used Diapers

Whether you have a special diaper disposer or just traditionally throw the used diaper away, it can immediately dispense a stinky odor throughout your home. If you invest in air purifiers, you’ll be surprised by how the odor is eliminated and how your indoor air is improved.

Food Smells

Cooking fish can dramatically make your home unbearably stinky for days. While eating healthy meals like fish seem unavoidable, you can still remove the strong odor they leave with the help of air purifiers. Aside from fish smells, the air purification system can also eliminate other odors caused by cooking meals with strong spices.

Air purification systems can do wonders in eliminating unwanted odors and making your home clean and fresh. Protect your living space and strengthen your defense by investing in an air purifier and other IAQ solutions from Hugee Corporation.

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