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Benefits of a Humidifier in the Cold Winter Months

Dry air is among the many problems homeowners face every winter. Once the humidity drops, it can bring real discomfort and health issues to many families. Thankfully, we have humidifiers.

Here are six benefits of using a humidifier this winter:

Promotes Softer Skin

The lack of moisture in your body due to cold air can irritate your skin, change its tone, and dry it out. A humidifier prevents the damaging effects of cold air by adding moisture to your indoor air, helping you maintain softer, more vibrant, and glowing skin.

Keeps the Hair and Scalp Healthy

Humidifiers keep moisture in your indoor air, which is something both the hair and scalp need. The nourishing steam and ideal humidity level provided by your humidifier can go a long way to prevent a flaky, itchy scalp, leaving you with healthy hair and scalp.

Relieves Allergy Symptoms

If you worry that using humidifiers in your home might spread dust mites and pet danders, fret not! Modern humidifiers can be set to the right level of moisture, preventing the spread of such elements. It’s best to moisturize your home around 40-50% for ambient feel—safe from the worry of dust mites and pet danders.

Prevents Wood Damage

Every type of wood needs a constant level of moisture to be at its best. Humidifiers, if appropriately used, can make it happen. It can prevent damage to your wood furniture, making them last longer.

Helps Prevent Snoring

If you or you know someone who snores, humidifiers can also be a big help. The moist air keeps the throat tissue from drying while alleviating dry air passages and snoring. If you find humidifiers helpful, contact us at Hugee Corporation today and we’ll help you find the right choice for your home.