Cold Season: Why Home’s Humidity Matters in Winter

Often, homeowners associate humidity with hot days. However, it is not just a seasonal problem that makes you sweat during summertime. Humidity issues could also occur during winter. Paying serious attention to the level of humidity in your home is important to your health during the cold days—and this post can help.

What Happens When Your Home’s Humidity Is Too Low?

During winter, the moisture in the air gets sucked out as the temperature continues to drop. It also gets sucked out of your body, leaving you feeling dry. Low humidity in your home causes dry skin, nosebleeds, itchy eyes, irritated sinus, and sore or dry throat.

Additionally, low humidity can dry out and inflame your respiratory tract’s mucous membrane lining, resulting in an increased risk of colds, flu, and other infections. Also, if your home lacks enough moisture, your wood floors may split and the paint on your walls may chip.

What Happens When Your Home’s Humidity Is Too High?

While the lack of humidity comes with many problems, having high humidity level is not good for your health and home. With too much moisture in the air, condensation on windows and wet spots on ceilings and walls may occur. Musty smells can also be experienced indoors. High humidity allows the rapid growth of mold and mildew which triggers allergy and asthma.

What’s the Optimal Humidity Level in a Home?

The right humidity level in a home should be between 40 to 60 percent. But how can you know if your home has the proper humidity level? Here are a few things you can use:

  • Look for signs. When you notice a high amount of static electricity, it means your home’s humidity level is too low.
  • Use a hygrometer or indoor humidity monitor.
  • Bring in the HVAC pros. They can help professionally read the current humidity level in your home and implement a solution to restore your comfort.

How to Fix Problems with Humidity in Your Home?

Some HVAC systems come with built-in humidity control. If your unit doesn’t have this feature, then you need to invest in indoor air quality solutions to balance your home’s humidity level.

Here at Hugee Corporation, we have a complete line of IAQ products that will ensure comfort and safety in your home. Contact our IAQ specialists, and we’ll take it from there.