Dos and Don’ts in Thawing Frozen Pipes

Homeowners often ignore their plumbing system until it stops working, like when ice forms and freezes your pipes. During this time, it’s so easy to get annoyed about the interrupted water service and trying to resolve the issue by thawing it yourself does not always work as expected.

To prevent damage to your pipes and your house, here are do’s and don’t’s in thawing a frozen pipe from our experts at Hugee Corporation:

Keep the Faucet Open

Be sure to open the faucet once you realize that your pipes are frozen. Then, locate the frozen part. Allow steady moving water to keep pipes above freezing temperature and prevent bursting or other related problems. We know you don’t want to keep your faucet open because you’re saving water, but this time, you’ll have to do it to save more on repairs.

Don’t Panic and Know What To Do

Instead of worrying too much and doing unnecessary actions, you should stay calm and understand the situation. First, identify which pipe or pipes are frozen. If the pipe that needs thawing isn’t exposed or accessible, then it’s time to call for professional assistance. With the right tool and expertise, professional plumbers can help resolve your crisis on your plumbing system.

Apply Heat on the Pipes Using Portable Heaters

As advised by the experts, you can use portable heaters to warm your frozen pipes. Other efficient alternatives include wrapping the pipes with electric heating pads or towels soaked in hot water.

Don’t Use a Torch to Melt the Ice

It’s a big NO, NO! Opting to use a torch to melt your freezing pipes is never a good idea. Instead of solving the issue, doing this can even worsen the problem. While some use torch, others opt for propane heater, charcoal stove, or any open-flame devices as an initiative to thaw the frozen pipes. Never attempt to use any of these flammable devices for your safety.

Do Contact a Local Plumber Immediately

Fixing a frozen pipe is best handled by the experts. No one does it better than the people with the knowledge and expertise in handling your plumbing issues. If you want a desirable outcome, be sure to call the professionals right away! At Hugee Corporation, we can handle all your Washington, DC plumbing needs right at the moment you call. Contact us today for quick and reliable solutions.