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Even if the ducts in your home are practically out of sight, they’re essential for air filtration and in the functionality of your cooling and heating systems. If you have been neglecting them or not having had routine duct cleaning, then it’s time to call on professional duct services in Washington, DC, to make sure that you’re breathing the purest air at home.

Importance of Having Clean Air Ducts

Air ducts refer to the route or pathways that air would travel after it escapes your heating or air conditioning systems to reach the different areas of your home or office. Just imagine how much air plus all the debris and dust that goes with it that air ducts carry every day.

All these dirt plus bacteria and viruses can restrict proper airflow and get in the way of enjoying clear indoor air quality. Suppose anyone at home has respiratory illnesses or would experience frequent sneezing, skin rashes, or itchy and watery eyes. In that case, that could be an allergic reaction due to low indoor air quality.

Even if you think you have ticked off your clean-up list, the air ducts in your home would eventually accumulate dirt over time and would need regular upkeep or cleaning. It is generally recommended to have your air ducts cleaned annually to improve the purity and quality of the air you breathe.

Dirty air ducts will, of course, lead to poor indoor air quality, which can have severe repercussions on your health. Apart from this, this can also cause damage to your HVAC systems plus increase your energy bills. If this happens to you, then you badly need professional duct services in Washington, DC.

What is Duct Sealing?

If you have an air cooling or heating system at home, it’s safe to assume that you may have a complex duct system that can properly distribute the cooled or heated air into your home or office’s different rooms. The duct system is often dismissed or neglected because it’s concealed from view, but any leaks or cracks can be hazardous because they can leak too much air, elevating your energy consumption and bills.

More so, the gasses or pollution from the outside can also seep inside your home, which can worsen any allergies or other respiratory illnesses that you or your family members may have. Sealing the holes or gaps in your ducts will not just help reduce your energy bills but, more importantly, keep you and your family healthy with excellent air quality.

Advantages of Duct Sealing

You cannot undervalue the importance of having high indoor air quality, especially at home. With professionally sealed ductwork, you have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy the utmost comfort from your HVAC system.

  • Keeps your family relaxed and comfortable. With clean air quality, your family will enjoy times at home with the correct temperature or with heating and cooling systems working efficiently.
  • Reduces energy bills. When you’re confident that you have holes and gaps in ducts fully covered and sealed, you get to minimize energy consumption and save on expenses on a more regular basis.
  • You enjoy quality indoor air. With proper duct sealing, you can relax knowing that you are consuming and savoring high indoor air quality all the time. You see, toxic gasses and fumes can leak into gaps in your ducts systems which can wreak havoc into your home.

Do you think your home is leaking air? If so, then a thorough cleaning and performance testing should be done on your air ducts to keep it seamless and work like new. Call us at (301) 386-5901 for an estimate or book an appointment today for your service.