Expert Tips to Save Energy in the Summer


Summer is the season of family gatherings and tons of home activities. Along with these wonderful happenings are skyrocketing energy bills to pay. The warm weather truly comes with a price, and if you’re not a savvy homeowner in the Washington DC and Metropolitan area, you will find yourself in the most uncomfortable financial situation.

We never want this to happen to you this summer. That’s why we sum up the most important energy-saving tips that you can try:

·         Be Smart About Your Thermostat

Blasting the A/C can give you sufficient comfort, but you might be surprised by its effects on your energy bill later. You should always remember that you can save 3% on your energy consumption in every degree you raise the temperature above 72. Set the thermostat to 78 or higher, depending on your comfort preferences. For greater cooling efficiency, we recommend you invest in programmable thermostats. These will automatically adjust the setting with or without your presence at home.

·         Improve Your Insulation

Poor insulation allows the conditioned air to move out of your home, and so does a vast amount of energy. Before the first heat wave, be sure to improve your home’s insulations to prevent the exchange of outdoor and indoor air. You can also prevent the sunlight from adding warmth to your home by drawing the blinds during the hottest part of the day. Open them at night to let the free cold air get inside your home.

·         Consider LED Lighting

Lighting systems are among the energy hogs at home. If you’re still using incandescent bulbs, it’s time you shift to LED lights. Incandescent bulbs turn 90% of the energy they consume into heat. LED lights use less amount of energy and produce only half as much heat. They even last 50 times longer, thus saving energy and money for a replacement.

·         Keep Track of Your Electronics

Be mindful of your electronic devices and never place them near your thermostat. These appliances produce heat which the thermostat can detect. If this happens, it will think that the home needs additional cooling and let the A/C work longer than necessary. Additionally, try conserving electrical energy by turning off appliances when they’re not being used.

·         Get Your A/C Maintained

Since among the busiest units in your home for the summer is the A/C, you should give enough attention to its performance. A poorly maintained HVAC system can double or triple the energy consumed in their operation. Maintenance service includes cleaning and thorough inspection of the parts of your unit so that the operation will go smoothly and there’s no room for excess energy use.

Don’t let your summer fun break your bank. If you need more money-saving tips for your HVAC and electrical systems, you can always browse through our Blog Page. Feel free to write comments, suggestions, or even your FAQs!