Fight Back Against Springtime Allergies!

Pollens come in different shapes- round, triangular, and even Mickey Mouse ears and they seem to be anywhere nowadays. Don’t let your dreams of an allergy-free season fall! As your local HVAC and IAQ experts in Washington, DC, we have helpful tips that you can try to fight allergens at the source and save your indoor air quality.

Consider these ideas to know how many allergies you are dealing with, their types and what you should do to fix them once and for all:

  • Do you have a garden or is your home surrounded by trees? Checking your surroundings will help you understand just how much pollen, dust, and other particles are lurking outside your home, waiting for their time to enter your abode.
  • Do you or someone in the family experience severe respiratory and allergy issues? If so, you need to pay extra attention to your IAQ and fight allergens at the source.
  • Are you living with your pets? Are you a smoker? Your lifestyle can greatly affect the quality of air inside your home and has a lot to do with the choices you make.
  • Allergens come in different forms, and it’s good to know what you’re really dealing with. Pollen, pet dander, mold, and dust are the most common allergy-causing particles in the spring season.

Clean Your Air

Whatever it is that you’re dealing with; there is no reason not to do something about these IAQ troubles. Clean indoor air is your valuable solution to this chaos which can be achieved with any of these effective strategies.

  • Clean air filters. A/C units with dirty air filters produce polluted and filthy air. Changing or cleaning the filters regularly will get rid of the dust, pollen and other particles stuck on the filter while saving the efficiency of your unit at the same time.
  • Dust and Vacuum. This is a helpful solution but not a one-time fix to your allergy issues. You need to do this at least twice every week to get rid of the allergens sitting on the different parts of your home.
  • Clean the Ductworks. If you have dirty ducts, expect that you have dirty air. Always schedule a professional duct cleaning service in Washington, DC to ensure that your you are breathing clean air indoors.
  • IAQ Products. There are different indoor air quality products that you can use to secure the quality of air in your place. Talk to a reputable HVAC team to find just the right device that suits your unique comfort needs.

Fight Back with Hugee Corporation

Don’t let allergies hinder you from enjoying the good spring weather. If you need help in dealing with allergy issues in your home, feel free to give us a call at Hugee Corporation. We serve the entire Washington, DC and Metropolitan area with quality services and your business will never be an exception.