Here’s Why Your Home Feels Cold Inside

Imagine you’re inside your home, and the heat is on but you still feel cold. Terrible, right? Ever wonder why you don’t feel comfortable although the thermostat is in the correct setting? Well, this is a great question.

Issues like these can only be answered by a professional. But worry not, as your trusted HVAC contractor in Washington DC Metropolitan area, we feel grateful to provide the answer.

Homes suffer from uneven temperature

The most common issue that a typical US home encounter is uneven temperature.

For example, the 70 degrees (recommended comfort temperature level) might not be warm enough for you.

Because every home and family has individual temperature preferences, it is quite challenging to get the right temperature setting that fits for all. So believe it or not, your heating and air conditioning unit isn’t to blame. Several attributes can make a home uncomfortable.

Take a look at the most common reasons for discomfort throughout your home, or why don’t you feel warm enough.

Existing Air Leaks

Air carries heat, and when air leaks are present at home, the heat can escape. Not only that, when heated air leaks out through gaps and holes, then cold air enters your home at the same time.   

The moment that the cold air infiltrates your home, the indoor humidity may drop. In this case, you’ll start to feel and experience discomfort, dry eyes, itchy skin, or chapped lips. In extreme cases, low humidity can even crack wooden furniture, increase the risk of colds, flu, and other infections.

What’s the solution to all of these? Easy, seal the leaks! Make sure the heated air’s sealed inside your home, and there’s no chance for cold air to go in.

Improper Insulation

Poor and inappropriate insulation may cause hot and cold spots in your Washington, DC home. Unless your insulation is well-built and fits the design of your home, then there will be no issues of uneven temperature.

There are different types of insulation to adapt to different parts of your home such as for the basement, walls, ceilings, ducts, and walls. Make sure to have the right type of insulation for your home, so you can enjoy a cozier and warmer indoors.

Your Home isn’t Zoned

Without a zoned system, you’ll have a hard time maintaining a consistent temperature at home. Can you do something about it? Zoning is one effective way to ensure you’ll get even and consistent temperature throughout the house.

But to find out the perfect comfort solution for your home, an actual appointment is necessary to lay out the best options for you. Schedule an appointment today.

Unfitting Ductwork

As mentioned earlier, houses have different layouts and come in different structures. As such, they require customized HVAC equipment and ductwork design.

It is essential to have the right ductwork for your home, especially if it’s old or had undergone remodeling. You would want the right amount of balance in terms of positive pressure (air coming in) and negative pressure (air going out) throughout your home, right? Therefore, do something about your ductwork today!

What Can You Do?

There are moments that you will need to replace your HVAC to solve comfort problems, but that’s not always the case. In most cases, it’s working just fine, and it’s your home that needs extra attention.

Existing air leaks, improper insulation, incorrect zoning, or unsuitable ductwork can be the culprit. But don’t give up just yet! Whatever your problem is, with an experienced team, the right set of skills and tools—it can be resolved for much less money than replacing your entire system.

If you know a thing or two about how your existing system can help you brave the cold winter, from our experience, issues such as uneven temperatures or hot-and-cold spots should no longer be a worry. That’s the reason Hugee Corporation is here!

Get your system inspected by a professional, and stay comfortable right away. Click here.

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