Plumbing Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Home for Summer

The fair summer weather calls for more water activities. Whether it’s taking a long bath, doing laundry or water playtime with the kids, you need a secured plumbing system so that you won’t miss the fun and save yourself from a stressful day.

As your local plumbing expert in Washington, DC, we give you these helpful plumbing maintenance tips for the summer season.

  • Check the sprinkler system

After going dormant in the long winter months, the sprinkler system may be prone to leaks. Be sure to take a test run and look for heads that may be dripping. Fix them accordingly to prevent future problems.

  • Clean the drain, gutter and pipes

These are the common places where dirt, dust and other debris accumulate. If left unclean, these particles can block the area and cause huge damage to your property. Before or even in the early days of summer, be sure to schedule a routine cleaning and inspection service with a professional plumbing team for guaranteed results.

  • Hose off any big messes outside

The pipes can never withstand large amounts of debris. If you just enjoyed a summer beach outing with your friends and family, be sure to hose off yourself and even your pets before going inside. You might be carrying piles of sands, dirt and gravel that can clog the pipes when you take your shower or wash your clothes.

  • Examine washer hoses

Summer is a perfect time for family events, indoor and outdoor activities which can lead to piles of laundry and dirty dishes to take care of. Make sure your washing machine is fully prepared to handle the loads by checking the hoses. Cracks and leaks are particular concerns that need immediate solutions. Take time to check the food you put down your disposal. Many summer foods like fibrous fruits and vegetable can clog the disposal so don’t send them down to avoid big issues.

  • Call on Hugee for Professional Maintenance Service

Nothing beats a complete maintenance cleaning and thorough inspection by the professionals. If you want peace of mind in the long summer months, we recommend you set your appointment as early as today!

Call Hugee Corporation for all your plumbing needs in Washington, DC and Metropolitan areas. We offer 100% customer satisfaction, and for several years, this has been our ticket to becoming the most trusted HVAC company, worthy of every homeowner’s trust!