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If your plumbing system fails and needs expert help, Hugee Corporation is the name you can trust. We provide top-notch plumbing services in Upper Marlboro, MD and the nearby areas. Our skilled and certified plumbers install, repair, and maintain both residential and commercial plumbing systems. There’s no big or small job for us—we handle them all with expertise and excellence.

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Common Plumbing Problems in Upper Marlboro, MD

Plumbing problems can happen at any time. Whether it is a small or big issue, an immediate repair must be done to prevent the problem from becoming costly.

Here are the common plumbing problems you can experience in your Upper Marlboro home and the things you can do to solve them:

Frozen Pipes
Pipes located in areas without sufficient insulation or those that are exposed outdoors are prone to freezing. When the pipes freeze, they may burst and cause water damage when not fixed right away.

Your plumber will provide you with the best solutions, such as foam rubber or heating tape, to keep the pipes warm and prevent them from freezing.  

Slow Drainage
Clogs in the drain line can impede the proper operation of your tubs and sinks. It slows down the draining process and causes strange odors when the debris is stuck for an extended period. This problem is something you can’t solve yourself, so bring in an expert plumber for the job.

Low Water Pressure
Low water pressure occurs when the water flow in the sink, tub, or shower faucets is inconsistent. The problem can be caused by mineral build-up in the pipes or clogging in the aerator. If you notice low water pressure for an extended period and it seems not to get back to normal water flow, immediately address it to the experts.

Broken Water Lines
In connection with the pipe issues, the water lines are also susceptible to breakage when the pipes freeze. This occurs because the water inside your pipes expands as the ice builds up.

Before the winter sets in, make sure you disconnect the hose garden from the outdoor faucet and shut off the valve to prevent water line issues. Call a plumbing service in Upper Marlboro, MD if you experience problem like this.

Malfunctioning Water Heater
Water heaters
are expected to work continuously when the temperature gets low. You will need it for a shower, dishwashing, and other chores at home. However, with excessive use, they tend to malfunction. This is particularly true for a unit that doesn’t receive regular maintenance or tune-up before the operation.

Just in case your water heater breaks down, you should seek help from the pros for an immediate solution.

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