Spring Electrical Safety Tips From Our Hugee Corporation Techs

Make spring safe and fun for your Washington DC home. While you enjoy the good outdoor weather of the season, our electrical team at Hugee Corporation will bring you some helpful tips to keep your electrical systems ready and in tip-top shape as the heat wave starts.

·         Keep Power Cords Away From Water

Power cords and water don’t match. While this can be general knowledge, many homeowners still forget about this basic idea. Anytime you’re dealing with electricity, be sure that the working environment is completely dry- that includes the floor, the walls, and even your bare hands. You should consider testing your GFI outlets, too.

·         Review All Electrical Wiring Around Your Home

There’s no perfect time to check the outdoor and indoor wiring in your home then in spring. Be sure that loose wires and cords are taken care of. Take precautionary measures when dealing with your pool or hot tub wiring. As we have stated above, water and electricity never mix.

·         Clean Your Indoor Electrical Appliances

Your electrical appliances are probably the busiest organization in your home, no matter the season. It is a good idea to spend some time cleaning and checking the performance of your devices. Your heating and cooling units, for instance, are known energy hogs at home. To prevent them from draining your bank due to the high energy bill, you may want to have them maintained in the spring. We have dependable technicians to help you with your spring A/C maintenance service.

·         Replace Damaged Electrical Equipment

If you found damaged electrical equipment at home, be sure to contact our team for professional repair and replacement. Whether it’s your outlets, some wiring or electrical appliances, you need to have them checked for safety purposes. 

·         Trim Trees Near Power Lines

Pay extra attention to trees and power lines. If you are planning to plant in your yard, find a place with a certain distance from the power lines to ensure safety. If trees have already grown into the power line, be sure to ask for professional help to trim those trees.

·         Schedule an Appointment with a Professional Electrician

Nothing can give you peace of mind in the long spring and summer seasons then a professional electrical inspection. If you are in Washington DC and the Metropolitan area, you need not to search far. You have a dependable team in your local community to help you with these tasks.

Need help with your spring electrical maintenance service? Give us a call at Hugee Corporation today!