5 Reasons Why Your Electricity Bill is Unusually High

Are you wondering why you always pay a large amount of money on your monthly energy bill? Let us give you some of the most common reasons why your energy consumption increases drastically every month. Read on!

Inefficient Light Bulbs

Are you still using the traditional incandescent bulbs to light your home?  Let me introduce you to the benefits of LED lighting when it comes to efficiency and savings! LED lights are a bit costly than incandescent bulbs, but they are long-lasting and consume much lesser energy in operation. If you are in for savings and efficiency, we recommend you make a major upgrade on your lighting system and get rid of your inefficient, energy hog, incandescent bulbs.

Old, Out-dated Appliances

You should know that old and out-dated appliances are great energy hogs. As their components become worn out, their efficiency decreases and they will consume more energy in their operation. If your appliances are nearing or have already reached their estimated life span, you should think of having them replaced to prevent wasted energy and high energy bill.

Poor Insulation

Whether in hot or cold months, insulation is important to keep your energy costs low. Your heating and cooling system consumes a large amount of energy in its operation. With poor home insulation, you can double or triple the expense, giving you nothing but a skyrocketing bill and poor comfort. Always take time to repair or replace your home’s insulation to save on your heating and cooling costs.

Charging Turmoil

You know when a person is tech or gadget-oriented when they consume a tremendous amount of time and energy charging their devices. Normally, a phone only needs 2-3 hours to charge fully, but many people often leave them plugged overnight. Aside from increasing energy consumption, you are also putting yourself at risk of electrical issues and fire.

Vampire Appliances

Do you keep your appliances plugged at all times even when not in use? Honestly, plugged devices suck electricity continuously even if you turned them off. If you are not using your appliances, see to it that you unplug them for safety and energy saving purposes.

Do not let your energy bill give you a wave of budgetary panic! If you think you require a major upgrade on your electrical equipment or need some pieces of advice to cut down your energy consumption, you are always free to give us a call at Hugee Corporation. We provide expert electrical guidance and services worthy of your time and trust!