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If you have an oversized furnace or air conditioner, the tendency is that your unit may experience short cycles, which can lead to uneven cooling and humidity issues. If you have an undersized HVAC unit, it may not cool or heat your space properly, leaving you with an uncomfortable space.

If you want an accurate sizing calculation, it is best to contact our pros at Hugee Corporation. We guarantee to give you an accurate HVAC size that will perfectly meet your comfort needs.

Your HVAC units are precision-engineered, complex systems, which support long and extensive work. However, no matter how great an HVAC unit is, it will be subjected to wear and tear over time.

That is why it’s vital to have a well-planned maintenance program for your HVAC system. By this, rest assured that you can extend your systems’ lives and improve their efficiency.

At Hugee Corporation, we recommend having your heating and cooling systems professionally inspected at least once a year. We also suggest doing this right before the beginning of the season where you will use them. For instance, furnaces are best serviced right in the middle of the fall season. At the same time, your cooling systems are best serviced during the spring season.