Professional Cooling Services in Bowie, MD

Cooling Services in Bowie, MD

Heat Pump Installation

After having your air conditioning units installed by a contractor, you probably think that that’s the end of the story. You’ll soon learn that heating and cooling companies offer other services to help you keep your unit fully functioning once you start noticing any troubling signs.

To help you understand the different ways that your contractor can help you, here are the three main jobs that cooling services offer to clients.

Cooling Services You Can Trust

Installation and Replacement

Air conditioner installation requires a detailed and complicated process that professional and licensed technicians can only do. A lot goes into it that can’t be done with a simple do-it-yourself video or article.

Having an air-conditioning unit installed by a non-professional can do more damage in the long run because it might have been installed without the proper tools or did not undergo the appropriate testing protocols after installation.

Cooling services make sure that your units are installed the right way, clearing away any worries about potential damages or accidents.

If your old air conditioning unit is past its lifespan, some cooling services offer replacement units at a discounted price, especially if it’s the second unit you’re buying from them. It reduces costs for you and assures you that any future concerns will be taken care of.

Tune-ups and routine maintenance

Over time, your unit may start running into problems, such as strange noises, refrigerant leaks, or causing bad air quality and circulation. Some of these may be small and can easily be fixed, while others require more drastic measures. It shouldn’t be put off no matter the issue because having faulty air conditioning units can affect your health and trigger any respiratory problems. 

The key to making sure your air conditioning unit runs as efficiently as possible is having it checked regularly by professional technicians. Insurance plans offered by companies differ, but most provide annual maintenance plans.

Your technician will clean your units for accumulated dirt and replace some parts if needed, as well as diagnose anything that may cause issues and get ahead of any problems.


You might need immediate services aside from the annual check-ups, especially if your air conditioning unit suddenly starts acting up and causing all sorts of issues. Sometimes the problem will warrant an easy fix, or the system will need to be replaced entirely.

The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit, so take that into consideration when deciding to spend on pricey repairs or having it replaced for a brand new system.

Either way, it’s best if your current contractors offer emergency services that can accommodate any sudden concerns. Make sure you’ve reviewed any plans you might have signed up for with the company because repairs are sometimes offered at discounted prices.

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