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In most cases, you can expect to see dirt and debris accumulating within five years of installation if the correct cleaning procedures are not taking place.

Typically, six visits from a technician will cut down on bacteria and fungi problems and increase airflow. If you have allergies or other concerns about air quality, it is best to err on caution and schedule a cleaning more often than manufacturers suggest.

Proper filtration will help keep the air-ventilated systems in your home or business clean. As dirty filters lead to restricted airflow, you may find that the system must work harder to maintain comfort levels at certain times of the year. This added strain can cause certain parts of your HVAC unit to wear down faster, leading to costly repairs.

There are several risks to not maintaining your heating and cooling systems.

A poorly maintained system is more likely to break down, leading to public health dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning or mold outbreaks in the HVAC itself, which can spread throughout your house if left unchecked.

Both of these things pose a severe threat to home and business owners, which could easily be avoided with proper maintenance.