5 Things Your HVAC Contractor Wishes You Knew

It can be your nightmare when your comfort system suddenly fails in the middle of the long, sweltering day or ice-cold night. Calling the professionals sounds like good news for HVAC techs, but for some contractors like Hugee Corporation, we never want you to experience system failures even if it means a hitch of business to us.

But of course, dealing with HVAC systems require professional skills, and it can be a difficult task for an average Joe. Checking out these few things that an HVAC contractor wishes you knew is probably a good start.

  1. Choosing An HVAC System Is Not A One-Day Decision

Do not be in a hurry when deciding to buy a new unit just because you already have the money and your neighbors recommend an awesome unit that works perfectly for their home. Selecting the best system requires thorough deliberation and may take weeks of planning. Different homes require different demands; it is better to think first of what you are looking for in a system before calling a professional for a quote.

  1. Choose Your Contractor Well: You Get What You Pay For

Take time to get multiple bids before committing to an HVAC contractor. Maximize your references be it online or from word of mouth. Good contractors charge more, but they will give you a clear explanation of what the cost covers. We have worked with a lot of homeowners who preferred the cheapest technicians and ended up having to pay more because of bad installation.

  1. Putting Too Much Weight On Name Value

There are a lot of brands in the HVAC industry but take it from the pro; there is no gold standard here. Each brand can be good in one feature or another, so what really makes the difference is the installation. Even if you pick the worst brand but install it properly, you will surely get the benefits it offers.

  1. A Bad Installation Is Bad For Your Bank

Purchasing inappropriately-sized units for your home is a big issue when it comes to your energy cost, and it usually results from improper load calculation. Remember, bigger units are not always the best choice, and smaller ones do not guarantee lesser energy cost. Work with a reputable HVAC company for guaranteed results on load analysis.

  1. Don’t Underestimate An HVAC Tech

There is more to an HVAC tech than just getting the job done. Most of them are intellectually careful and backed up by professional experiences and licenses. If you happen to work with one, pay them with the utmost respect.

Take this advice straight from our experts at Hugee Corporation, your one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs in Washington DC Metropolitan areas. If you need a little help in fixing your HVAC unit, feel free to call our pros!