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Aeroseal in Bowie, MD

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Among the many products that Hugee Corporation provides is our high-quality Aeroseal in Bowie, MD. Our company is committed to ensuring that all of our clients have access to improved ductwork.

This revolutionary household product can be used on virtually any type of existing ductwork and still deliver incredible ventilation efficiency and air circulation within homes and businesses alike.

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5 Factors That Signals You Need Duct Sealing

According to experts, up to 20 percent of all energy used for heating goes through ductwork. It makes sense why efficiency experts suggest sealing duct leaks and replacing leaky duct systems with insulated ones. But how do you know if you need this kind of work done?

Here are five tell-tale signs that it’s time to seal the ducts:

You keep resetting your thermostat.

When your house seems overly hot in some rooms while others seem unbearably cold, there could be more to the problem than just a broken thermostat.

Badly placed ducts may be letting air escape, which isn’t letting your HVAC into rooms where it’s needed most and causing you to turn up the thermostat even more.

You notice an unusual amount of dust in certain rooms.

If you have pets, there could be a whole host of reasons why those floor vents in your home are always covered with dust—but if there is an abundance of dust that seems out of place, it might not all be coming from your pet.

Most of the time, an excessive amount of debris and dust around your floor registers indicates a duct leakage that needs to be sealed.

You hear clicking or tapping noises from the ducts.

Although it’s normal to hear your furnace or heat pump running, you shouldn’t necessarily be able to hear them as if they’re right in front of you.

If you start hearing clicking or tapping noises coming from your vents, that may mean ductwork is vibrating against a framing member, leading to bigger problems like leaks and even permanent damage.

You see mold growing inside the ducts.

If excess moisture is present in your ventilation system, mold will soon appear on walls or floors—or possibly inside the ducts themselves. Although this kind of growth can happen anywhere in an older home with poor insulation, it often shows up first around floor registers and where the ductwork and framing members meet.

You start to notice bad smells in your home.

Though not as obvious as the other signs mentioned above, odor issues could signify an ill-placed register or poorly installed insulation. If you find yourself smelling something that doesn’t seem right—whether it is mildew or musty, or like the earth after raining—that may indicate mold has grown embedded in your ducts.

In this case, you may need to have a professional clean and seal the necessary parts of your ductwork to eliminate the problem for good.

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Some of these problems are easier to detect than others, but if you’re unsure about whether you need Aeroseal in Bowie, MD, it’s best to call our experts. For more than 30 years of honest and reliable comfort services, our team has provided total customer satisfaction in every job we do.

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