Benefits of Using Manual J Calculations When Sizing Your A/C

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your home’s comfort. Not all homes are the same, thus needing different air conditioning systems that will meet varying comfort demands.

Our team at Hugee Corporation uses Manual J Calculation to find the exact system for your space and provide homeowners the following benefits:

Big Energy Savings Through Efficient System

One big mistake homeowners repeatedly do is purchasing a large system, thinking that it would cool their home fast. This home cooling misconception doesn’t only waste them energy, but also shortens the service life of the system, resulting in big spending.

Using a smaller unit doesn’t do any good, as well. It will exert extra effort to meet your home’s cooling demands, increasing your bills and reducing the system’s service life due to excessive strain.

If you want to find the right A/C for your space size, then using Manual J Calculation is the best way to go. This load calculation method will provide you with specific data to help determine the right unit to be installed. With the right size of the system, home cooling will become more efficient, and saving money can be easy. 

Improved Home Comfort

Are you wondering why your air conditioner frequently turns on and off on its own? That’s because the system installed in your home is not sized right! Short cycling happens, and the frequent turning on and off of your system can make your residential space less comfortable.

Also, it can cause too much stress to the vital parts of the system, resulting in early replacement.  These issues won’t happen if your unit is properly sized with your home’s specific cooling loads.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Moisture issues can occur if your air conditioning system is improperly sized. Excessive humidity and reduced airflow allow mold and mildew to thrive, making your home unsafe for you and your family.

But with Manual J Calculation, all factors that could affect your comfort are considered before the A/C installation process begins. Identifying the number of occupants, location’s weather patterns, air tightness, amount of insulation, and occupant’s comfort preferences can help us figure what specific size of a system is suited in your home.

Contact Hugee Corporation For Expert Sizing and Installation

Start enjoying an enhanced comfort, improved IAQ, bigger savings, and a safe living environment with a properly sized system. Contact Hugee Corporation to achieve these benefits. We can conduct an expert load calculation, find the right system size, and even install the unit at reasonable rates.