How To Feel Better During a Spring Allergy Season

Who says spring allergy is fun? I bet no one does! What if we tell you there are simple yet effective solutions to combat the sneezing, wheezing, runny nose and itchy eyes that come with spring season?

Check out these five important spring allergy tips from the experts at Hugee Corporation!

  1. Set a General Spring Cleaning Schedule

Spruce up your nasal passages by sweeping the cobwebs and performing a general cleaning in your house. Eliminating the existing allergens and makes the air clear, it also makes your house look better. Don’t forget to include the bathroom and basement in your cleaning, since mold build up is prevalent in basements. Frequent vacuum cleaning is also helpful in getting rid of spring allergens.

  1. Have a professional health check

Some people mistakenly take their symptoms as allergy-related when it might actually be asthma. The spring season is particularly difficult for both asthma and allergy sufferers, but each has a different medication. 

  1. Clear the Air

There are different ways to clean the air. If you want a more natural technique, certain house plants remove contaminants in the air you breathe inside. If you’re ready for an investment, a HEPA room air cleaner would be a great choice. For those with central air conditioning units, changing the filters every month will help you find relief from spring allergy cases.

  1. Check Pollen Reports

It’s always tempting to open the doors and windows in the spring due to its fair weather condition. You can do so but on the specific time of the day. Get updates on pollen reports and don’t open your home when the pollen count is high. During allergy seasons, it’s still better to keep your home shut and use the new filter that you just put in your HVAC system.

  1. Schedule an A/C Inspection

Sooner or later you’ll be firing up your air conditioners for spring and summer comfort. But, are you aware your own comfort system can also put your family at risk of allergies? That’s why; you need to ensure that your unit is blowing in clean and healthy air, and not some kind of a musty, moldy and filthy airflow. A professional inspection and maintenance service can help you with that.

Don’t let allergy symptoms hinder you from enjoying the beautiful spring season. If you need professional help in dealing with these tasks, feel free to give us a call at Hugee Corporation. Schedule a service today!