Our Terms and Conditions

If you contact Hugee Corporation to do HVAC, electrical, or plumbing works for you, the following terms and conditions will apply:


We use the term “services” to refer to anything offered by Hugee Corporation across all the trades we cover. Our services include installation, repair, maintenance, estimates, emergency services, guarantees, project work, inquiries, and other reasonable areas of our work.


All works performed by Hugee Corporation are on a fixed up-front price. The price includes labor, tax, and materials used in carrying out the required service. Payment for the work described in the agreement shall be immediately due once the job is completed.

Please note that no deduction shall be made from payments due Hugee Corporation in case of penalty, back charges for alleged defective works, liquidated damages, or other amounts withheld from payments to other HVAC contractors. Furthermore, you agree and recognize that payment for our services when due is an express condition precedent to our services as described in this agreement.

In the event that Hugee Corporation terminates work for non-payment, we shall be entitled to all the reasonable expenses, which include the cost of labor, materials, a reasonable fee for overhead and profit, and other compensation supported by law.


Any services performed by Hugee Corporation are completed within a reasonable time. Performance of this clause is subject to fires, labor strikes, adverse weather conditions, and other external factors that are not reasonably anticipated.


For safety purposes, available parking for vehicles should be less than 100 feet from your entry door. Please note that we do not leave or park our vehicles in centers of streets, red zones, underground parking, double parking, or any other areas where vehicles will not be safely or legally parked.


Hugee Corporation reserves the right to terminate a service in the event of dispute. In the event of such service termination, Hugee Corporation shall be entitled to payment for all the services performed including the cost of labor, materials, and reasonable profit and overhead.


All equipment, materials, and parts are warranted by the supplier’s or manufacturer’s written warranty only. All labor performed by Hugee Corporation is warranted for 30 days or as otherwise described in writing. Hugee Corporation makes no other warranties, implied or express, and its agents or technicians are not authorized to make any warranties in behalf of Hugee Corporation.


If any product or material is damaged or malfunctioning, please reach out to us to Hugee Corporation directly to request further information on repair or replacement. You may also reach out to directly to the product manufacturer for any questions you may have about Limited Warranty.


This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Hugee Corporation and the customer. No representations or agreements, other than those specifically described herein, shall be binding on any of the parties unless indicated in writing and recognized by both parties.