Major Causes of Uneven Heating in Your Washington, DC Home

Ever wonder why there are hot and cold spots in your home? You may be experiencing uneven heating! Uneven heating is definitely no fun, especially when the coldest time of the year is about to step in. But what is really causing this issue to happen? Read on and find out!

Common Causes of Uneven Heating

  • Clogged Filters

Are you replacing your air filters regularly? It is a manufacturer’s recommendation to change or clean HVAC filters at least every three months or as necessary as possible. A clogged air filter can be among the reasons why you are experiencing uneven heating in your home. The accumulated dust, dirt and other particles can restrict the airflow, which can prevent the right amount of heated air to reach the different parts of your home. While the weather is still manageable, be sure to check if your filter needs cleaning or replacement.

  • Blocked or Closed Vents and Registers

Walk inside the room of your home that won’t seem to stay warm and check the vents and registers. Are they closed or are there appliances that block the opening? If there are, immediately remove the obstructions to let a continuous flow of air. The vents and registers should always be kept open and unobstructed to prevent uneven heating in your home.

  • Poor Insulation

Insulation does not last forever just like all other things inside your house. If it has been a long time since you upgraded or fixed your home’s insulation, you might want to do it today. A poorly insulated home allows heated air to leak out, thus causing uneven heating indoors. Aside from checking the insulation in the roof, attic and walls, see to it that you also inspect leaky air ducts and fix them.

  • Improperly Sized Heater

The uneven heating issue can also be caused by a poorly-sized heating unit. If your heater is too small, it will not be able to give the right amount of heating for the entire space of your home. Similarly, too big of units shut off even before the cycle ends which also leads to insufficient heat supply. The size of your unit matters during the installation process and this is something that a highly-trained professional can handle.

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