Most Common Air Conditioning Problems in Washington, DC

There are a lot of reasons why air conditioning units fail, but there are those that are fairly common. It’s always a good idea to be aware of these issues as they can happen anytime in your long A/C use.

As your local HVAC company in Washington, DC, and the Metropolitan area, we give you these most common A/C problems homeowners encounter and what you can do about them.

Dirty Filters

The most common problem why A/C units don’t work is clogged air filters. It is stated in the manufacturer’s information

how often you should change or at least clean your filters. Follow them to ensure that your unit will work well for you. Negligence of regular filter replacement can lead to poor indoor air quality, inefficiency, and overheating of the unit.

Thermostat Problems

The thermostat is the brain of your HVAC system. Any glitches in this device can lead to inefficiency and poor performance of your air conditioner. The most common thermostat issues are drained batteries, dirt, wiring issues, leveling, and proper location. Replace the batteries if needed and always take time to clean the indoor and outdoor parts of the thermostat. Be sure it’s not directly hit by sunlight or placed near drafts and open windows.

Frozen Coils

If you notice ice build-up in the coils, that’s an issue that needs attention. Usually, frozen coils are caused by clogged filters, obstructed return air duct work or insufficient refrigerants. Give your unit regular HVAC maintenance check-ups to prevent this issue.

Clogged Drainage

Just like the air filters, the drainage can also be blocked by dirt and other particles that flow through it. If it’s clogged, water will overflow in the drain pan and cause damage to the different parts of your system. Be sure to keep the drainage clean so that the water will flow.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant insufficiency is a common HVAC issue that needs professional repair. Note that your air conditioner does not consume refrigerant, and the only reason that it decreases are leaks in your unit. Reliable HVAC companies such as Hugee Corporation understands that fixing refrigerant leaks is more than just adding a sufficient amount into the system. Our technicians work above and beyond to find the leaks and seal them before adding the right amount of refrigerant. 

Before we head into the dog days of summer, be sure to schedule a professional A/C maintenance service with Hugee Corporation to ensure you won’t experience these problems in the days to come. Set an appointment with us today!