Washington’s Premier HVAC Company Explains Why Your Furnace is Loud

Why Is My Furnace So Loud?

Modern furnaces are equipped with sound-dampening technology and a two-stage compressors to operate efficiently and quietly. So, if you hear strange noises when you turn your furnace on, then something isn’t right!

Here are the common reasons your furnace produces unexpected loud noises:


Screeching & Scraping

You usually hear this screeching from your furnace when the blower wheel is loose or the blower motor is not working properly. If you can hear screeching sounds, it’s probably due to loose parts or non-lubricated components. It’s best to switch off your furnace and schedule a service with a professional right away. Continuous usage may result in serious damage.

Rattling & Chattering

Without proper maintenance, your appliances lose their efficiency over time. This may start as a simple issue, but when left unattended, it can become troublesome. Rattling noises in your furnace can mean a lot of things, though the most common cause is loose parts.

The easiest fix for this issue is tightening up any loose screws. Turn off your furnace, and carefully tighten the screws. If in doubt, contact a professional today and schedule a complete evaluation and heating repair services in Washington, DC.


Whistling & Screaming

Few scenarios can lead to whistling or screaming sounds in your furnace. The culprits could be gaps in your ductwork, clogged filters that restrict airflow, or any air leak in your HVAC in Washington, DC.

Some leaks may not only damage your system; it may also cause harm to your family. Depending on the level of noise produced, experienced homeowners can do a DIY leak repair, but in cases where the noise is too loud and it comes with gaseous a smell, it is advisable to call a professional.

Furnaces are designed to make noises or sounds. You can hear humming, pinging or popping sounds which are all perfectly normal. But extremely loud noises like screeching, scraping, rattling, chattering, whistling and screaming are signs of problems you should never ignore.

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