YZH02411CA – 2 TON, 17 SEER (NEW)



The YZHSeries unit is the outdoor part of a versatile heat pump system. It is designed to be custom matched with one of our complete line of evaporator sections, each designed to serve a
specific function. Matching air handlers are available for upflow, downflow, and horizontal left or right application to provide a complete system. Electric heaters are available if required. Addon coils are available for use with upflow, downflow, or horizontal furnaces. Field installed accessories are available as needed.


5-year limited parts warranty.
10-year limited compressor warranty.
Premium System Warranty – Limited lifetime compressor and 10-
year parts when matched with an approved York Affinity furnace
or UPG air handler and coil.


• Superior Coil Protection – A stamped decorative metal coil
guard completely protects coil from debris and other large damaging material while a polymer mesh further protects the coil against smaller particles.

• Isolated Compressor Compartment – A molded composite bulkhead isolates the compressor from the rest of the unit reducing sound and vibration.

• Protected Compressors – Each compressor is protected against high and low pressure as well as excessive temperature. This is accomplished by by the simultaneous operation of a high pressure relief valve and temperature sensors which protect the compressor if undesirable conditions occur.

• Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant – Next generation refrigerant R-410A delivers environmentally friendly performance, with
zero ozone depletion.

• Durable Finish – Automotive quality finish provides the ultimate protection from harmful U.V. rays as well as rust creep ensuring long-lasting high quality appearance. A powder-paint topcoat is applied over a baked-on primer, using a galvanized, zinc coated steel base material. The result is a finish that has been proven in testing to provide 33% greater durability than conventional powder-coat finishes.

• Lower Installed Cost – Designed to provide enhanced installability by featuring a slide-down control compartment allowing easy
access to control components along with angled service valves to reduce overall installation time and cost.

• Low Operating Sound Levels – A fan design boasting technology adapted from aeronautic and defense engineering provides for whisper quiet operation by allowing airflow to flow smoothly and efficiently across the fan tips.

• Filter-Drier – A factory installed, solid core liquid line filter-drier filters harmful debris and moisture from the system.

• Easy Service Access – A full end, full service, access panel with handle makes for easy entry to internal components.

• Long Lasting Operation – Strong and durable composite base pan provides added strength while resisting rust and corrosion as well as reducing sound and vibration.

• QuietDriveTM system – The swept-wing fan, composite base pan, isolated compressor compartment and two-stage compressor are engineered as a system to reduce overall sound to a mere

• Complete System Control – All models utilize the exclusive microprocessor based, on-demand, defrost control system. This system provides optimal comfort, efficiency, and constant montoring of the entire system for reliable operation. defrost cycles occur only when necessary. an adjustable balance point insures supplemental heat is brought on only when required to meet the space
load, for optimum efficiency and reliability.

• In the event improper operating conditions occur (high temperature and/or high pressure), the unit will automatically shut down to protect the refrigeration system, and switch to back-up heat. Onboard diagnostic LED’s guide the technician to the source of the problem, and an output signal from the control to the thermostat will alert the homeowner. The control also features non-volatile memory, which preserves trouble codes in the event of power loss. An anti-short cycle timer extends the life of the compressor by preventing short-cycling.

Certified in accordance with the Unitary Small Equipment certification program, which is based on ARI Standard 210/240.

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